SAN ANTONIO — On Saturday, San Antonio police and firefighters responded to a shooting at 2522 Patron Dr. on the city’s South Side around 10 p.m. A family was having a barbeque gathering in their front yard when a vehicle pulled up to the house and began to shoot “20 or 30 rounds,” according to San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

McManus a said seven victims were hit by gunfire, five males and two females. Two males were pronounced dead at the scene. The other five victims were transported to a hospital. Their conditions are unknown.

According to Chief McManus, the attack was "random but targeted." There were six children inside the home at the time of the shooting. None were injured and no further injuries were reported. McManus added that back in May, there was deadly conduct at the same address.

The investigation is ongoing and police continue to gather information on the suspect or suspects.