TEXAS -- While the worst of the recent plume of dust from Africa has passed, some dust still lingers in Texas. You can tell by just looking out at the horizon as haze is easily visible.

Like we’ve been talking about during “Weather on the 1s”, the Saharan dust is common in Texas in the summertime as the trade winds blow it from east to west across the Atlantic. The dust comes in waves off the coast of Africa, meaning the amount we see here varies.

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Currently, there’s enough dust to produce moderate air quality in Austin and San Antonio according to the Texas Commision on Environmental Quality, or TCEQ. Their forecast calls for similar amounts of dust through this weekend. Beyond that, models suggest the dust thins out over Texas next week.

Beyond 7-10 days, it’s difficult to predict with accuracy, but we know there will be more fluctuations in our dust this summer. When it gets more dense, people may experience allergy-like symptoms.