SAN ANTONIO -- It wasn’t a regular trip to the grocery store for Kimiya Denise. The items she purchased will be for a peaceful rally organized by Denise and other black activists to mourn the death of George Floyd. 

What You Need To Know

  • Organizer Kimiya Denise spent Friday preparing for George Floyd protest event

  • Floyd died in Minneapolis police custody on Monday, sparking outrage

  • Denise says protest will be peaceful and focused on mourning Floyd

“We do need to stand in solidarity as a community and we need to make sure the black community is liberated and comforted at a time like this,” Denise says. 

Police brutality is an issue Denise and many others across America know all too well. 

“But seeing this just become a reoccurring thing is haunting for me as a black woman in America,” Denise says. “And I’ve been mourning this man’s death and I’ve been mourning the deaths of those before him.”

Kimiya Denise gathers supplies for a rally protesting the death of George Floyd in this image from May 29, 2020. (Jose Arredondo/Spectrum News)

Denise and her friends pushed around two carts, collecting items for Saturday’s rally. 

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“Basically we are buying these things not because we want to have to use them but we are buying because it’s going to be hot,” Denise says. “We are going to be walking. We are going to be standing and want the community to have the necessities it might need.” 

It was all purchased with the aid of donations made by San Antonians supporting Denise’s protest. 

“Thank you, San Antonio - $365 so far in donations,” Denise said.

Denise believes rallies can shine a light on issues, but also be a form of therapy. 

“A voice that felt like it wasn’t heard, it was one,” Denise says. “And just making that one change, making that one difference goes a long way.”

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That impact is more than enough for Denise to keep going. 

“I’m happy that I’m alive to fight this fight,” Denise says. “To fight the fight my ancestors fought and to continue that fight.” 

Hundreds are expected to attend this rally of mourning, but Denise says she will make sure everyone takes precaution during these times of the pandemic. 

“It’s really cool that we can come together, especially during COVID-19 when everybody has little to no resources,” Denise says. “So I’m happy. I’m very excited to see what tomorrow brings.” 

Kimiya Denise gathers supplies ahead of a San Antonio protest event in this image from May 29, 2020. (Jose Arredondo/Spectrum News)