AUSTIN, Texas -- It’s been a couple of months since the latest season of "Project Runway" wrapped up, featuring 16 designers from all across the world.

  • Fashion designer Brittany Allen shifting focus to creating face masks
  • Austin-based designer and "Project Runway" star getting other cast members involved 
  • Shipping masks to clinics, hospitals, triage centers 

Brittany Allen is among that prestigious group. The talented designer finished in the top six, winning multiple challenges throughout the show and making a name for herself along the way.

“Since the show, it’s just been amazing to get the amazing feedback of like people actually interested my fashion, not just here in Austin but really all over the U.S., and I’ve even gotten requests for garments outside the U.S.," said Allen. "So it’s really kind of a global situation.”

Now, a new global situation is unfolding.

Working from her studio in Austin, Allen is taking the momentum from the show and going in a different direction.

“This situation has really thrown kind of a detour, I think, into the whole industry of fashion, and with that, you know, not being able to really produce collections to the maximum low what we usually do. Instead of getting off schedule I really wanted to kind of be a part of providing for different industries that are helping us as Americans so much right now, which is nurses and doctors and people that are screening for the coronavirus," Allen said in an interview via Skype.

For the past few days, Allen has been working almost nonstop creating face masks for those in need--even sewing masks during her interview with Spectrum News.

After posting about it on her Instagram account, the requests for masks came pouring in from all across the country.

“I’ve gotten over a thousand dollars in donations from everyone on Instagram and I’ve been able to buy materials and thread and elastic, and I’m able to pay for shipping for local triage centers, clinics, hospitals, not just in Austin," said Allen. "I’ve gotten requests from New York, California, Arkansas, that I’m going to be shipping out this week.”

Allen’s mentor on "Project Runway," Christian Siriano, is also putting his skills to use by making masks.

Even other designers from previous seasons of the show are all getting involved, doing what they can to help.

“I had actually messaged everyone in the season 18 group that there was a shortage of masks and we could really assist in the situation and be able to sew while all of our brands are on hold," said Allen. "From what I know, there are about 25 to 30 'Project Runway' people throughout the entire history of the show, all 18 seasons that are kind of on board with making masks, so its kind of a 'Project Runway' affair.”

If you or someone you know is in need of face masks, you can submit a request on Allen's instagram account: @brittanyallen.atx. Allen has posted a link in her story for submissions.