SAN ANTONIO — The San Antonio Food Bank wants to prepare families-in-need in case the coronavirus outbreak gets worse.

  • Giving out coronavirus preparedness kits
  • Trying to reach 300,000 homes 
  • Food bank is accepting donations online 

The food bank is trying to reach as many as 300,000 low-income households in southwest Texas with a 14-day food benefit and coronavirus preparedness kit.

The food bank’s 14-day food benefit will consist largely of items in its “12 Most Wanted” list, and the coronavirus preparedness kit will contain hand sanitizer and cleaning disinfectant, along with other items available to the food bank.

The food bank will start a three-part effort to help deliver the kits to those in need: targeted mobile distributions in urban and rural areas of southwest Texas; stocking super-pantries and senior centers with the benefit; and, opening up a portion of their warehouse for individual drop-in to secure the benefit.

To meet goals of this month-long campaign, the food bank aims to raise $1,500,000 or the equivalent of 15,000,000 pounds of food and cleaning supplies. The food bank says to get involved you don’t need to come drop off food, you can make a donation online instead.

Every $5 provides one food and cleaning benefit to a person in need.