SAN ANTONIO - It's been just over three months since the growing of hemp and sale of hemp-based CBD oil products became legal in the state of Texas. There are plenty of businesses that are trying to grab a piece of the market, but no one in San Antonio is doing what Ben Leeper is doing.

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The owner of The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe is also the tour guide for Alamo Hemp Tours.​ Leeper takes visitors on a bus trip around San Antonio to five locations that specialize in products made with hemp or hemp-based CBD. 

"Now that the state is caught up on board, we're going to start seeing farming here in Texas in January," Leeper said. "Cannabis is no longer a bad word. Cannabis is nothing but positive."


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That change is a big reason behind the tour. Leeper said educating people about CBD, hemp and the economic impact it can have can boost big business, small business, and everyday life.

"The up and coming economical impact is going to be things like plastics, textiles, cardboards, biofuels," said Leeper. "Just like there's hundreds of uses for CBD, there's hundreds of uses for the hemp plant."  

It's the beginning of the economic boom, and one that those in the industry in San Antonio are more than willing to share.

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"You can just hang out, relax, and enjoy. There are samples at every stop, and visitors get a swag bag you get to take with you," said Leeper. "It's all about bringing our community together and showing that we're here together."

The next Alamo Hemp Tour is Saturday, September 21. The tour bus leaves from The Farmacy at 1 p.m.  You can get tickets at or by visiting