SAN ANTONIO — Presidential candidate and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro might be adding another member to his family.

  • Castro announces introduces animal rights plan
  • Toured Animal Defense League of Texas

On Monday, the former mayor of San Antonio was joined by his kids for a tour of the Animal Defense League of Texas. He also discussed his new PAW Plan, short for the Protection of Animals and Wildlife. 

The plan would address both domestic and wild animals across a variety of areas including upgrading animal abuse to a federal crime, eliminating kill shelters, and banning the import of big-game trophy hunting.

It would also increase conservation efforts to protect animals affected negatively by climate change. 

"Climate change is not only an existential threat to human life,  but all life on this planet, including animals. I will strengthen the endangered species act and fund $2 billion for a wildlife initiative to protect at-risk animals from being erased off the face of the earth,” Castro said. 

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The third Democratic primary debate is coming up next month in Houston, and Castro hasn't qualified yet. He has met the donor requirement but still must receive two percent of the vote in a major poll by August 28. 

On Tuesday, Castro is scheduled to fly to Iowa to continue campaigning in the states with early primary races.