SAN ANTONIO - After spending five days traveling with a migrant caravan in Mexico, a local pastor is already planning his next trip to rejoin a group of Hondurans seeking asylum.

  • Local pastor joins migrant caravan
  • Documented his journey on social media
  • Plans to return to Mexico next week

Pastor Gavin Rogers of Travis Park United Methodist Church began traveling with the migrants last Friday before making his return to the United States on Wednesday. During his trip, Rogers documented his journey from when he first arrived in Mexico City to his last stop in Guadalajara.

The pastor met many Hondurans seeking asylum by walking or riding many miles through Central America. This included migrant families with small children searching for a new life without corruption.

"If you went down there and experienced the kinda love I experienced from the people in the caravan I guarantee you, somehow, your heart would be changed no matter your view on immigration," Rogers said.

Rogers plans to return to Mexico next Wednesday. He hopes to rejoin the caravan and document their travels through Tijuana, Mexico.