DALLAS — Win or lose on the field, the Dallas Cowboys take the top spot when it comes to valuation.

The Dallas Cowboys have again ranked the most monetarily valuable NFL franchise and across all sports, standing at $7.64 billion, according to Sportico. This is $630 million ahead of the MLB’s New York Yankees.

According to Sportico, the average NFL franchise is currently worth $4.14 billion, up more than 18% from last year. The NFL franchises combined are worth a whopping $132 billion. This amount includes team-related businesses and real estate held by the owners.

Following the return to stadiums after a hiatus due to COVID-19, the NFL outperformed revenue expectations in 2021, with the 32 teams generating $17.4 billion in cumulative revenue. This is nearly double its closest competitor, the NBA, according to Sportico.

The three richest NFL clubs have expanded their football empire beyond just the sport. For example, Dallas Cowboys have partnered with the Yankees to launch the hospitality company, Legends. The Cowboys were also first in line amid the franchises to launch a deal with Blockchain.com only three weeks after the NFL opened the crypto exchange category to sponsorships.​

Following the Cowboys, the most valuable NFL teams are the Los Angeles Rams, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.