DALLAS — Domestic violence is a prevalent and frequently underreported crime, and one that often poses a great threat to responding law enforcement.

To give residents a better idea about statistics related to domestic violence, the City of Dallas has launched an interactive dashboard.

According to the city, the dashboard was created at the behest of the Domestic Violence Task Force and has three objectives:

  1. Increase public awareness about domestic violence
  2. Display data from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and local domestic violence shelters
  3. Measure domestic violence crime trends over time

On the first page you’ll find domestic violence crime numbers, an area map, trends and demographic information on victims. The data comes from the Dallas Police Department and is updated daily.

The second page features information about domestic violence cases and their outcomes from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

The last page displays family and victim data from domestic violence shelters. It will refresh once a month.