PFLUGERVILLE, Texas — Elon Musk recently confirmed his move from California to Texas, his new $1.1. billion Tesla factory is well underway just outside of Austin, his SpaceX aerospace company is developing a rocket in South Texas, and it looks like he’s bringing another business to the Lone Star State.

Fox Business, citing the Austin Business Journal, reports that The Boring Company, a tunnel-building construction company, recently applied to make renovations to an industrial site in Pflugerville.

Pflugerville is located about 14 miles northeast of downtown Austin.

While nothing has been confirmed, it’s likely not coincidence that a big part of the City of Austin’s recently approved Project Connect involves a downtown underground tunnel.  

From Capital Metro’s website:

“The downtown transit tunnel will provide seamless connections with the new light rail system that will improve the speed, reliability and performance of our entire transit system, allowing these transit lines to operate separate from street traffic and reducing travel time.

“The tunnel's stations will provide connections to the new rail system and expanded bus service. In addition to a transitway, the stations will provide a new public space for transit customers and the larger community.”

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If further proof is needed, The Boring Company has started adverting for jobs in Austin, recently tweeting, “Rumor has it that ‘Austin Chalk’ is geologically one of the best soils for tunneling. Want to find out? Austin jobs now available.”