As the 86th Texas State Legislature gets underway, Spectrum News has the answers to some of the most asked questions about our state government and how it works.

What Are the Top Issues This Session?

School finance
Property taxes
Local control issues (paid sick leave, bag ban)
School safety  

How Does the Bill Process Work in Texas?
As opposed to the United States Senate and House of Representatives, a bill that travels through the Texas state government doesn't do so through both chambers at once. Instead, a bill that originates in the Senate is debated and then voted on before going to be studied in the House, and vice versa. The bill must then be approved by the other chamber before getting to the desk of the Governor, who has veto power over the bill. Said veto my be overridden by a vote of 2/3 majority in the Senate and the House. 

For more information on the ratification process, please read here

Legislative Session Facts

On the first day, senators and representatives are sworn in. A House speaker is elected then, even if the speaker from the previous session is re-elected.

The legislative session lasts for 140 days, and will conclude on May 27th, 2019

The governor has the power to open special legislative sessions when the legislature is out of session.