SPAIN -- Could America's favorite superfruit soon see an even healthier alternative?

A Spanish company has introduced a new type of avocado that actually has 30 percent less fat than regular avocados.

Avocado Light, from Isla Bonita, is the first of its kind and is quickly taking food blogs by storm!

In addition to being less fat, the website claims this special 'vo ripens faster and turns brown slower:

"It is a type of avocado exclusive of Isla Bonita, mainly consumed in countries of Latin America and cultivated in very specific climates, which confers properties and organoleptic qualities very different to the most commercialized avocados, in addition to a series of nutritional advantages added."

However, don't rush off to the grocery store just yet. For the time being, Avocado Light is only sold in Spain. But many speculate U.S. stores could see the "improved" product on shelves in as little as a year.

In the meantime, the company says in order to confirm the nutritional claims, independent labs will have to conduct exhaustive analysis.

Avocado Light is expected to be available almost all year in some Spanish stores.