AUSTIN, Texas – On Monday, a women's health group indicated it'll try to block new proposed rules regulating fetal disposal.

Court documents show the abortion rights group Whole Woman's Health is attempting to block new rules requiring the burial or cremation of the fetus after an abortion or miscarriage.

It comes after lawmakers passed SB 8 during the last legislative session. On Monday, the Health and Human Services Commission heard public input about how the law would be put into effect.

"It's what I see as unfair and deceitful rules," said Paige Nilson, and abortion rights supporter.

Nilson testified against new rules on Monday. Opponents like Nilson said it'll be just another obstacle for women in Texas who want an abortion.

"We're just going to have to fight back," Nilson said.

But supporters said it provides dignity to the unborn.

"It provides an opportunity for healing for women who've had miscarriage," Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Executive Director Jennifer Allmon said.

The law also allows religious organizations to help with the costs associated with burial or cremation.

"Because we think that it's important that no matter how someone died or how long they live that they have access to proper burial," Allmon said.

But similar fetal remains regulations have been blocked in federal court.

Whole Woman's Health is amending an ongoing case, and its lawyers said: "Plaintiffs accordingly intend to amend their Complaint, and to file a motion for a preliminary injunction against the Act promptly after the implementing regulations issue, or if they do not issue before the end of the year, then promptly in the new year."

The law is set to go into effect February 1st if it isn't blocked in court.

Abortion access supporters said they're hopeful the justice system will side with them.

"The courts understand that abortion is a political football in Texas," said Sadie Hernandez of Planned Parenthood Texas Votes. "When we go to court, it's completely up to medical facts and accurate representation."