AUSTIN, Texas - Gov. Greg Abbott wants to make the state's texting ban the only law of the land.

That would preempt much stricter laws in cities across Texas, including many in our area. San Antonio, Austin and cities in between have passed their laws over the last few years.

Most of the local ordinances require drivers to be hands-free, where they cannot text or make calls while holding their phones.

The state's latest version of a texting ban would relax those rules, so drivers can still hold their phones to make calls.

Area mayors say they prefer the hands-free law. For one, it's easier to enforce.

"You look at the reports of all the accidents that were caused by people using cell phones and texting, and we thought it was appropriate given our location on I-35," Buda Mayor Todd Ruge said.

The Texas Senate passed its version of a bill that would override local cell phone laws. A similar bill is pending in a House committee.

Local cities with hands-free ordinances: