SAN ANTONIO — Gun owners can exchange their firearms for H-E-B gift cards. The city website reports that the Voluntary Weapon Exchange program starts Sunday, Nov. 19.

District 9 Councilman John Courage is behind the new buyback program. The drive-thru event begins at noon at the Alamodome.

San Antonians are instructed to bring their guns to Lot B, 100 Montana St. For every firearm handed over, an H-E-B gift card is given in exchange. Supplies are limited, so those interested must come early.

The city says that participants are limited to 20 firearms per vehicle.

Courage notified the public of the project on Oct. 11. The San Antonio P.E.A.C.E Initiative and the San Antonio Area Foundation worked with him to set up the Safe Weapons Exchange and Education Transfer. Courage then requested donations that went toward the gift cards. 

You can rack up a lot of gift card money to spend during the holidays. Each gun type is tagged at a different price.

  • Non-functioning or Home Manufactured: $50
  • Rifle or Shotgun: $150
  • Handgun: $200
  • Semi-Auto Rifle: $300

Your guns must be unloaded and on safety, placed in either the car’s trunk or backseat. According to the city, you’re to stay in the car as an officer takes the guns. You’ll then continue driving through the line where you will pick your gift cards. 

The program is for San Antonio residents who have no use for their guns anymore. Once officers have received the weapons, they are to be destroyed.

However, any gun that's found to be stolen will be returned to its owner. 

Courage posted that Texas Impact and Cops Metro are going to showcase the impact of gun violence the day before the buyback program.