SAN ANTONIO — With the extreme heat already here, Texas’ energy usage is rising. But there’s plenty of sunlight being converted into solar energy.

“The great thing about solar is the sun is shining typically when our overall statewide electricity needs are the greatest,” said Robert Miggins.

This is a busy time for energy providers like Robert Miggins. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Big Sun Solar in San Antonio. He says they want to get as many businesses as possible to convert to solar energy.

“This one’s made by Mission solar,” Miggins said. “So supporting local jobs.”

He’s very optimistic about the opportunities renewable energy has created. In just a few short years, the solar energy industry has grown in Texas. Miggins says incentive programs from the local energy company have allowed solar to soar.

“The heat is going getting worse,” Miggins said. “Our population is growing a great deal in Texas. So our energy needs are really expanding greatly.”

The U.S. Energy Information Administration says less than 5% of Texas energy is generated from solar panels. Robert says for a state that gets a lot of sun, solar is a commonsense investment for Texas.

“Becoming a really important part of our overall energy mix,” Miggins said. “Between all the other ways, electricity is created statewide.”

It takes years to get gas-powered plants approved and built. But Miggins says solar projects are becoming easier and faster to complete.

“More and more affordable,” Miggins said. “It can be deployed quickly. And it produces electricity when we need it the most. Which is the hottest part of the day.”

Even though natural gas makes up more than half the state’s power generation, this year Texas is expected to lead the nation in solar growth.

“Listen, we’re in for a long hot summer,” Miggins said. “Solar is a really important part of how we’re meeting our overall statewide, ERCOT grid energy requirements.”