SAN ANTONIO — Texas attorney Thomas J. Henry is representing the families of four Robb Elementary School students injured in the mass school shooting in Uvalde. 

All four of the children suffered gunshot wounds and other injuries after a gunman on May 24 entered the school, shot and killed 19 students, two teachers and injured 17 other children and adults. The victims represented by the firm are all 9 or 10 years old.

The firm is actively investigating the facts surrounding the school shooting, including how the gunman purchased the guns and ammunition used, how he got into the school, and the response by law enforcement. The firm is also examining questions pertaining to the gunman’s past, including potential red flags or threats of violence that may have been posted on social media or communicated directly to others but not properly reported to law enforcement.

The firm filed the original petition against the gunman’s estate; however, Thomas J. Henry is exploring all available legal actions against all responsible parties for constitutional rights violations, gun law violations, and violations of laws, policies and procedures pertaining to school safety. 

“This initial lawsuit will allow us to discover evidence and possibly add other parties to the lawsuit, if necessary,” said Henry. “The discovery process will focus on the school system, law enforcement, social media, and gun and ammunition manufacturers.”

As the investigation continues, officials revealed enforcement delayed entering the classroom in which the gunman had locked himself for more than an hour. In a conference on Friday, May 27, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety Col. Steven McCraw stated that the delay was because of the on-site commander determining the situation to be one of a barricaded individual rather than an active shooter. The classroom was eventually accessed using a key.

“The one thing that is vital in our country right now is ensuring our children go to school and come home safe,” Henry said. “We want to obtain justice for the families that have been devastated by this shooting and ensure we have swift changes that protect our children while they are at school.”

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