TEXAS — Imagine an idyllic stroll along a Texas beach, and you stumble upon a doll that would make Annabelle from the “Conjuring” movies run for cover.

Finding creepy dolls isn’t the job researchers with the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve are tasked with, but it’s part of a day’s work.

Researchers have noted the disturbing finds in a series of Facebook posts recently, and apparently it’s been going on for a long time.

The dolls have been discovered along a 40-mile stretch of Gulf Coast beach, and at least 30 have been documented.

In one Facebook post, researchers documented the discovery a doll with gooseneck barnacles growing out of its eye, dubbed Barnacle Doll.

“This is some stuff that comes up all the time,” one researcher says in the video. “Look at that. Gooseneck barnacles growing out of the eye. Maybe we’re gonna sell this one on the internet. We found a couple of these every month.”

What accounts for this? Researcher Jace Tunnell told Southern Living the stretch of beach, particularly between Padre Island and Matagorda Island, is a magnet for debris from Mexico.

Tunnell further said a “loop current” creates eddies to push debris toward Texas.