TEXAS — It may be small, but a tiny Buc-ee’s pop up art installation is making a big impression across the internet.

The mystery installation sits on a hillside 20 miles east of Marathon on U.S. Highway 90 in West Texas. State Rep. Brooks Landgraf posted some photos of the mini Buc-ee’s on Facebook.

While several people have posted about the mini Buc-ee’s on social media, the person behind the display hasn’t come forward. In a statement, Buc-ee’s said they aren’t responsible for the installation. 

“Buc-ee’s became aware of the Buc-ee’s art installation in west rural Texas earlier this week. While we have not visited the location, we do wonder whether they are keeping up with Buc-ee’s meticulous 24x7 bathroom-cleaning standards.”

Installations occasionally pop up in West Texas. One of the most famous installations is the Prada store in Marfa, Texas.