AUSTIN, Texas 一 The special session in Texas is in limbo since Democrats have been in Washington D.C for three weeks. Thursday, they testified in a congressional hearing about the Republican-led election bill they are protesting.

The Democrats continued to push back against the proposal, saying it restricts Texan's access to the ballot and the Republicans are trying to fix a problem that does not exist.

“There are 154 prosecutions of voter fraud in the past 17 years in Texas, out 94 million votes cast,” said Rep. Diego Bernal (D-San Antonio) during the hearing. “The likelihood of voter fraud in Texas is less than any one of us being struck by lightning.” 

But Texas Republicans are standing their ground.

“The problem does exist as both the reality and perception of voting fraud occurs and is well documented,” said Rep. Jim Murphy (R-Houston) during an interview on Capital Tonight.

He said they have a great bill that’s ready to go and the Democrats must “come home and do their job here.”

Murphy also said the Republicans are not opposed to negotiating with the Democrats.

“This bill has already been negotiated extensively and if there is a last minute adjustment or change and if it has merit all of us will consider what is best will move forward,” said Murphy.

The special session ends next week, but Gov. Greg Abbott has vowed to call lawmakers back until the legislation is passed.