Lauren Kendrick joined Spectrum News 1 in September 2020.

Kendrick loves meeting new people and sharing their stories with the community. Before landing in San Antonio, she reported along the U.S./Mexico border, first in Laredo, covering important border related stories. She even had a chance to interview Al Roker when he visited the border town to promote a show he created about the unique area. The Rio Grande Valley is where she spent most of her time, as a morning reporter. She does not miss those 2 A.M alarms. The Rio Grande Valley is where she became a self-proclaimed chips and salsa connoisseur.

Her most meaningful work was a recurring segment called Student of the Week—which highlighted students in their senior year at different schools. These students were in the top of their classes and had unique backgrounds. A lot of the students had rough childhoods but were on their way to ivy league colleges despite their challenges. Kendrick always loved meeting those students, hearing their inspiring stories, and sharing them with others.

When Kendrick isn’t reporting you might find her out jogging with her daughter and husband, or grabbing a bite at Whataburger.

Her love of the Dallas Cowboys and breakfast tacos is proof she is a true Texan.