Crystal Dominguez joined Spectrum News 1 in September of 2020. 

Being able to capture moments in people’s lives and share their voice is the fuel to Dominguez’s work.

She has been on deadline since she was 14-years-old as a high school journalist, and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

As an El Paso native and Texas Tech graduate, Dominguez has almost a decade of experience across several Texas markets in television, radio and newspaper. Her passion for sports led the way for most of her career along with motivation from her older sister, Debra, who is also a journalist. 

One of the most meaningful stories Dominguez has covered was about an older woman deemed the “Hug Lady” in Killeen. Every deployment at Fort Hood, Elizabeth Laird was there to hug thousands of soldiers departing or coming home. When Dominguez asked her how many soldiers she has hugged, Laid replied, “Almost all of them.” She died in 2015. Soldiers from across the country sent cards and visited Laird during her last days in the hospital. Fort Hood honored her with a plaque on base. 

It is stories like those that leave a lasting impression and keep people talking that serves as a daily reminder to Dominguez to keep pressing on in this industry.