AUSTIN, Texas — It's been nine years since children's advocates sued Texas over its treatment of kids in the state foster care system. It's been nearly five years since a federal judge ruled Texas violated foster kid's constitutional rights and ordered sweeping changes.

A new major report released last week by independent federal monitors details countless atrocities and violations still happening. The report found 11 children died in state care between July of last year and the end of April. The monitors found multiple missed opportunities to save the children in three of those cases.

"The report reflects a system that hasn't gotten any better and may have gotten worse in recent years while this lawsuit was going," said Paul Yetter, an attorney in Houston who represents about 11,000 children in long-term foster care.

He says their next step is to file a motion to enforce the court's orders.

The state will have a chance to respond to the report but has not weighed in yet. Gov. Greg Abbott did recently say if the state can improve upon reforms already done, they'll do it.

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