AUSTIN, Texas -- Gov. Greg Abbott was in Houston Monday to attend the public visitation of George Floyd.  

Floyd, a black man, was killed in Minneapolis on Memorial Day after a white police officer kneeled on his neck until he lost consciousness.

Floyd was a longtime resident of Houston’s historically black Third Ward before moving to Minneapolis. His death has sparked protests across the state and country.

Gov. Abbott said in an interview on Capital Tonight Monday that he met with the family privately and discussed police reforms lawmakers should tackle next session. He raised the idea of the “George Floyd Act.”

“For one thing, to make sure police are not using the type of technique that was used to put a knee on George Floyd’s neck that led to his death. Certainly there must be some better strategies for police to use for someone who they were trying to arrest under that type of situation,” he said.

When pressed on further reforms Abbott said he’d work with lawmakers in the interim on ideas and everything brought up would be on the table. The legislature doesn’t meet again until 2021.  

“We need our police, everyone knows that. But we need to ensure that as police go about their practices, as they try to make an arrest, they don’t do so in ways that kill somebody,” Gov. Abbott said.  

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