BASTROP, Texas -- More and more people are buying firearms during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a move that’s often routine in any crisis, as many say they’re looking for a sense of security.

  • Crosshairs Texas was one of the first to open drive-thru
  • Ammunition goes out-of-stock often

Spectrum News stopped by Crosshairs Texas in Bastrop to see how they’re adjusting by taking business outside their store.



“It’s been overwhelming,” said Crosshairs Texas co-owner Troy Michalik. “I cannot tell you a number of absolute first-time gun buyers that have been in the store, looking for some sort of self-protection.”

“Just background checks alone, matched with what the ATF and FBI were saying about their crisis, is trying to keep up,” added Devon Michalik, Crosshairs Texas co-owner.

The couple quickly learned they needed to improvise how they do business.

“And so immediately, I said, ‘We need to make some changes, we need to figure out a way. This is going to get worse before it gets better in a while,’” said Devon Michalik.  

Crosshairs Texas was among the first gun shops to set up a drive-thru.

“We had a couple of spare counters we set up out here and so we just started putting up really, what everybody’s looking for -- guns and ammo. Ammunition, though, is increasingly difficult to get, it’s out of stock quite often,” said Troy Michalik.

“This gives them a way to get in and get out without having to be in the public with other people,” said Devon Michalik.

Which the couple says is actually less jarring for a lot of the first-time gun owners they’re seeing come through.

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“For somebody that’s new into the shooting sports, or self-defense, coming into a gun store can seem very ominous. The drive-thru I see, is giving the people that are new to the shooting community a little bit of an easy feeling. They don’t have to come in and be overwhelmed,” said Troy Michalik.

Because in these uncertain times so many of us want a sense of security.

“This is one of the very last tools as human beings to protect ourselves,” said Devon Michalik. “Because we don’t know what the future is.”

While you don’t need training to legally purchase a gun, the owners of Crosshairs Texas strongly recommend first time gun buyers to either sign up for in person training when shelter-in-place rules lift or to reach out to trusted friends or resources online to learn more about the firearm.