SAN ANTONIO -- An Austin woman is crediting a San Antonio fitness trainer for helping her lose nearly 40 pounds as part of her 2019 fitness resolution. Aden Dawit says changing her diet and focusing on strength training allowed her to shed the weight.

"It wasn't until I started working out with [my trainer] Shawn and doing more strength training that I really started to see the results I really wanted to see," Dawit said. 

According to experts, about 59 percent of New Year's resolutions are health-related. Yet, only 8 percent of people actually commit to and complete their fitness goals. Dawit admits she found it hard to stick to a health regimen at first.

"I was going to the gym but I was mainly doing cardio and I wasn't really seeing any results," she said.

Now she is working closely with fitness trainer Shawn Kraft.

"After working with her and seeing her progress over the last six months to a year she's definitely feeling better," said Kraft.

For those considering a fitness resolution in 2020, Dawit says to start by writing down your goals and find a support system such as gym friends or a fitness trainer.

"If you enjoy every step of the journey and your transformation then it will be more fun," Dawit said.

Dawit plans on continuing her fitness resolution in the new year to improve her health and quality of life.