GEORGETOWN, Texas -- The city of Georgetown wants to become a nationally recognized arts district in the next 10 years.

  • Georgetown has 5-year plan to transform into arts district 
  • New art installations already going up 
  • Part of goal is increasing tourism

Their Arts and Cultural Coordinator is currently working on a five-year plan to help reach the goal. In the meantime, more art is being installed throughout the city.

Devon Clarkson and Norma Clark are painting a mural on the City Hall building. Clarkson is working on a portrait of Mary Bailey, who established the first preschool for non-white children in 1953. The school is located on the same property.

"Doing something like this where people will ask, you know, 'Who is that?' and have a chance to look that up and actually go deeper into the history of Georgetown," Clarkson said.

Clark is working on an abstract piece that represents local figures.

Several sculptures will go up next week to replace current art downtown for the annual sculpture tour.

 Arts and Cultural Coordinator Amanda Still believes bringing in more art will also mean more money for the city.

"Arts and culture offerings are a great way to enhance the quality of life," Still said. "It's a great attraction for people that want to come to our city, then of course they shop. They spend money. They stay in our hotels, which definitely contributes to our tax base and helps our local businesses grow."

Some of Still's potential strategies include: establishing a performing arts center, expanding the city's public art program to develop streetscape art and creating an arts incubator.

You can view the draft 2020-2025 plan below: