AUSTIN, Texas -- A new study by the Audubon Society finds that 389 bird species are at risk of extinction if global warming increase by 3 degrees Celsius.

  • Study says 389 species of birds at risk of extinction
  • Among them is endangered Golden Cheeked-Warbler
  • Drought, heavy rain, sea or lake level rise, and heat waves among culprits

The nearly 400 bird species make up about two-thirds of all species in North America.

"Wild birds face a lot of threats of different kinds, but climate change just puts, sort of compounds those threats in a lot of pretty devastating ways," said Travis Audubon Executive Director Nicole Netherton.​

The golden-cheeked warbler, an already endangered bird that is only born in Central Texas, is at risk if warming increases.

Scientists believe warming up to 2 degrees could happen as soon as 2050, and 3 degrees could occur by 2080.​

The report states the threats brought on by climate change include drought, heavy rain, sea or lake level rise, and heat waves.

"If we really band together and think about ways both as individuals, and our policy makers can find ways to manage these greenhouse gas emissions, I think there is a real hope for us to make a difference," said Netherton.

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