AUSTIN, Texas — A software company is offering grants to Texas school districts to help them comply with the new school safety requirements. 

  • Software is called “Edaware”
  • Allows others to report incidents involving students
  • School districts can apply here

The database called "Edaware" is available to counselors, teachers, and staff to report on different events or incidents involving students, which could range from an eating disorder to extremist views. This database compiles the data to simplify the management of student safety for nearly appointed threat assessment teams.

"We wanted to bring all of that information when it is about something that might affect the well-being or concern of a student into a single place, a single portfolio, if you will, about a student and provide that information to a person, who the school designates or the risk assessment team," said Richard Fuller, Impero chairman.

Each student has their own profile with dates and history of significant events. Students can also send in anonymous tips with their own concerns.

Schools are able to track follow-up actions and interventions, when needed. There is also a way to audit the data, so schools can prove they are in compliance with the new law.

The software has already been used for several years at schools in the United Kingdom.

"It will make a difference to the safety of students. That's what we've seen in the United Kingdom," said Fuller. "Providing that longer term picture of a particular student that might be struggling with certain issues that might be in their home life or it might be the way in which they are socializing by putting that information, all that information into a database securely under the school's control."

Impero will be announcing some of the grant winners next week, but school districts have until the end of the month to apply.