AUSTIN, Texas — Taking your favorite craft beer to-go is about to be a reality in Texas after a long fight at the State Capitol. 

  • Beer to-go sales start September 1
  • Texas lawmakers made it legal this year

Starting September 1, you'll be able to leave brewery taprooms with a case of your favorite craft beer.

Adam DeBower, owner of Austin Beerworks is counting down the days to give his customers what they want. 

“September 1, the locks come off these coolers. We’ll be able to service our customers in a way that we’ve never been able to do before,” he said.  

He worked closely with Texas lawmakers pushing the so-called beer to go legislation this past session, and after a hard fought fight, the measure passed as part of another alcohol-related bill. It’ll allow breweries to sell beer to be consumed off campus, just like wineries and brewpubs do. Debower and his team have been brewing for the occasion. 

“These beers have never found their way outside our brewery. It’s part of our Killer Strain series, this particular one is actually gin and port barrel aged,” he said.   

DeBower said the victory will expand mid-size breweries' business models, and spread local flavors around Texas, a cause he said was worth fighting for.  

“It was the first time we’ve had such a big, active involvement in our legislative process,” said DeBower.   

The new law had been met with opposition from beer distributors who said allowing beer to-go would interrupt the state's beer market. But this year, distributors and brewers came to an agreement on the limited amount customers can soon buy and sip at home. ​