AUSTIN, Texas – Saturday marked the end of National Farmers Market Week. A new report focused on Austin's markets found they contribute millions to small businesses and the economy.

  • Markets make over $3 million
  • Supports 188 small businesses

The report used data from the Dripping Springs Farmers Market, Sustainable Food Center (SFC) Farmers' Market Downtown, SFC Farmers' Market Sunset Valley, Texas Farmers Market Lakeline and Texas Farmers' Market Mueller.

The data shows 72 miles was the average distance food traveled from farm to market.

In just the six months, the markets boasted about $3.3 million in sales and supported 188 small and new businesses.

Amy Greer started selling beef at the Texas Farmers Market nearly a decade ago. The space allows her to meet and keep regular customers.

"We've got a great little niche. Lots of people really love it. We don't use any antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or insecticides on our animals," she added, "If I didn't have (the) farmers' markets, I probably wouldn't be raising cattle now. We would just focus on other ways to diversify and make money."

The report also states Austin-area markets support 1,090 employees on average.