AUSTIN, Texas -- School may be out but for a group of young women, class is still in session.

  • Latinitas Summer Camp 2019
  • Teaches different fields of digital media
  • Goal is to change the tech and digital industry

Latinitas Summer Camp 2019 is designed to introduce young women of color into different fields of digital media.

“In addition to learning more about their culture, their identity, and their gender,” says organizer Sylvia Butanda.

This week’s lesson is stop motion film, but the takeaway at the end of it all -- embracing what makes each Latinita different.

“Being a Latina, being a woman is powerful, and that identity can’t be taken away from them and if anything they should lean into it and own that identity,” says Butanda.

It’s about empowering young women.

“It makes me feel more able to express myself because I’m with other fellow Latinas,” says Latinita Jaylynn Cabazos.

The goal is to change the tech and digital industry from the inside out.

“More than that, we want them to think of the landscape differently and think of that space differently so that not only are they leaders but innovators in that space,” says Butanda.

After all, for educators improving representation means reaching out at a young age.

“Have them understand that they are so valuable to that space and that their identity is unique and that it can definitely be an asset,” says Butanda.

It’s about carrying that lesson over the course of their lives.