AUSTIN, Texas -- After more than 40 years, a formerly homeless man is once again a student at University of Texas at Austin. Nonetheless, David Carter still has some significant obstacles to overcome.

  • David Carter again a UT student
  • Experienced long period of homelessness
  • Still struggling to pay for text books, supplies 

“It’s been really exciting, very interesting. I’ve learned so much,” Carter said. 

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Last Thursday, Carter went to his first college class in more than 40 years. 

“I’ve been doing everything I can to accomplish what I need to accomplish, to do these classes,” said Carter. “And like I said, I’ve realized it’s worth a lot more than just the tuition.”

Cater is taking two classes, U.S. History and Black Political Thought, both of which are already fueling the fire for the next chapter in his life.

“I’ve got two books that I’m gonna write,” said Carter, “The Civil Rights Movement, a comprehensive overview of an ongoing story. But then there’s another one that relates to the U.S. History, The Evolution of the American Metaphor. So I want to do my research in conjunction with these classes. I think it’ll augment the study.” 

But despite an anonymous donation covering his tuition, Carter is still struggling just to survive. 

“I was putting all my energy into studying, and I was really excited, having great ideas,” said Carter. “But I had no choice. I had to spend six hours begging. I hate begging.” 

Carter has no way to pay for school supplies or textbooks without financial aid.

“It’ll give me a chance. But I can’t do it without it,” said Carter, “I told them a month ago, I can’t do it without financial aid.” 

Carter has already taken the first step to apply for FAFSA - getting his new student ID. 

“It feels so invigorating,” said Carter, choking up with emotion. “I feel… God… it’s something I’ve been dreaming of for 30 years now.” 

Although he still has challenges to face, it’s a small but meaningful token of his dream becoming reality.