AUSTIN, Texas -- State lawmakers pumped the breaks on a priority property tax reform bill Thursday. It’s meant to slow down the rate in which your property taxes rise, but the Texas House postponed its expected debate after hours of delay.

It appears to be out of courtesy to the Senate. That chamber was the first to move its bill and the House is waiting for them to act first. The House Speaker said today they’re "respectfully working with the Senate."

But others questioned the hold up in the upper chamber.

"So, we've done our job as a House on House Bills 1 and 3. I don't think it's too much to ask for the Senate to do their job and send us over whatever their version of House Bill 2 is going to be on property tax," said Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, D-Austin.

House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 2 were originally identical. The goal of both is to lower the amount of tax revenues many local governments can collect before seeking voter approval.

Lawmakers have proposed a 2.5 percent trigger. It's currently at 8 percent. So critics, mainly cities, have said that's going to hurt their ability to provide critical public services.

A big difference in the bills, and a big sticking point; the House stripped school districts, which tend to make up a bulk of property owners’ tax bills.

Thursday, the governor spoke out saying he wants some kind of restraint on school districts’ ability to raise taxes.

The House put off debate until Monday. It’s unclear when the Senate will take up its measure.

Click the video link above to watch our interview with Dale Craymer, the president of the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association.