MANCHACA, Texas — A girl with cerebral palsy is inspiring the entire community.

  • Reese Ramirez plays softball while wheelchair bound
  • She and her family love baseball
  • She was also a football cheerleader

Reese Ramirez was a football cheerleader in the fall and now she is a part of a local softball team. The Ramirez family is all about baseball. They can be spotted at games on weekends, so it's no surprise that Reese Ramirez would have an interest in softball. Her mother, Sasha Ramirez, never thought she would get a chance to play on the diamond.

Reese Ramirez has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, but that hasn’t stopped her from being active. After talking with the coach, Reese started practicing with the softball team and bats first during games.

“They were like, ‘She’s not going to just come hangout, she’s going to be on the team!'" said Sasha Ramirez.

Reese Ramirez’s brother pushes her around the base paths, while the crowd cheers her on.

“People have heard about her playing and want to come and watch," said Sasha Ramirez. "What I want is for people to see what she can do, not what she can’t do."

Reese Ramirez’s coach says it’s been a learning experience for them all, especially the other players.

“To understand that life is life, that everybody should be included and everybody is equal and that they accept that and treat it as normal," said Coach Rudy Mendoza.