presidential campaign trail.

  • Harris visited Texas Southern University
  • Some waited 6 hours to get good seat
  • Harris aims to raise teacher salaries

Hundreds of people were ready to welcome Harris at Texas Southern University. Her big focus Saturday — education. Harris is going big on teacher pay as part of her first few presidential policy promises. 

Harris believes there is a crisis across the country — citing an 11 percent salary gap between America’s teachers and people who have college degrees who work in similar professions. She pledges that by the end of her first term, she would significantly close that gap. 

"You understand that your analysis isn't how much it costs, the question is what's the return on the investments,” said Harris. “And on this the investment will be our future."

Texas is also a big state for delegates and for money. 

Right now, Beto O’Rourke of Texas is a worthy contender as someone who has raised the most money on day one — even more than Senator Bernie Sanders. 

There was a lot of excitement at the rally Saturday with a lot of loyal voters. Some even waited for up to 6 hours to get a good seat.