AUSTIN, Texas — Volunteers gathered at a World War II veteran's home to begin cleaning up his backyard.

  • Hicks is 92 years old
  • Lived in home since 1936
  • GoFundMe set up

Last month, Louis Hicks called Austin police after realizing people were stealing from his backyard. The responding officer discovered Hicks was using an oven to heat his home.

Since then, Hick has gotten a heater for his home and tons of new friends, who have become family.

"I'm just puzzled. I have so much to say. I can't say it," said Hicks.

Luis Rodriguez met Louis Hicks after hearing about the veteran's story.

"One of us has come out here every single day since we met him," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is the president of the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders. The motorcycle group often helps veterans and first responders. The club organized a cleanup effort Saturday for Hicks’s backyard.

"I went back there last evening. The earth looks so good. The garden is going to grow," said Hicks.

Hicks has lived in his home since 1936, so he's collected quite a few things in his backyard, like lawn mowers and bicycles that he used to fix.

"This is not something that we are going to be able to do today. It's quite a big task to undertake, so we will be continuing to be out here, probably for the next couple of months," said Rodriguez.

The group also installed lighting around the outside to deter thieves.

"He is not used to asking for any help. He just comes from a generation where you work for everything you have," added Rodriguez.

The biggest concern is making sure the 92-year-old veteran's home will be safe to maneuver because he's got big plans in his garden once the work is complete.

There is a GoFundMe set up for Hicks. The Wind Therapy Freedom Riders also hope to get donations of supplies for a privacy fence for Hicks's backyard and help with restoring the vet's old truck. You can find the club on Facebook.

Another organization will be helping to fix up in the inside of Hicks's home.