AUSTIN, Texas — Austin-based, all-female band The Mrs celebrated the release of its new music video on Thursday with a charity performance.

  • The Mrs’ music is about connecting
  • Supporting The Kindness Campaign
  • Preparing for upcoming tour

The band’s latest music video is about people connecting.

“Music connects us. Music connects you to other people, it connects you to your feelings,” said Mandy Prater, The Mrs’ guitarist and vocalist.

Connection through empathy and kindness are key aspects of The Mrs’ music. It’s also the foundation of the charity organization, The Kindness Campaign, which was founded by The Mrs’ drummer and vocalist, Andra Liemandt.

After the 12-year-old daughter of one of Liemandt’s friends committed suicide due to bullying, Liemandt was inspired to connect with her own daughters. Eventually, her work became the full curriculum of The Kindness Campaign. It is now being taught in more than 50 schools, including those in the Austin Independent School District.

 “It’s important, because when you can start at an early age and lay a foundation, they can go off and be kind leaders in our community,” said Liemandt.

The philosophy of empowerment through self-love, growth, and kindness also resonates through The Mrs’ music, and inspired its performance Thursday night at a fundraiser for The Kindness Campaign.

The Mrs is preparing for an upcoming tour, and South by Southwest. You can check out the band's upcoming events at its website