ROUND ROCK, Texas -- The Round Rock Police Department honored a local Good Samaritan with a heroism award at the city’s council meeting on Thursday evening.

• Police officer was hit by car while directing traffic
• Doctor driving by stopped to aid officer until EMS arrived

The recipient of the award, Dr. Robert Cinclair, stopped to help a police officer after he was hit by a car while directing traffic around a crime scene.

When the doctor saw the car hit Officer Charles Whites of the Round Rock Police Department, he pulled over to help, and re-opened Whites’ airway so he could breathe. He then waited with Whites until EMS arrived.

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Connie Whites, wife of the late Charles Whites, presented the award to Dr. Cinclair at the meeting.

"As a person of medicine, he doesn’t have to stop and do what he did. He is not required by law. It was a totally selfless act," said Connie Whites.

"I just thought I had to try to go help. I mean, the police are out there for us every day, the least I could do was try to help him when he needed some help," said Cinclair.

The incident happened on February 25, 2018, and officials say that the doctor’s heroic and compassionate action gave Charles Whites more time with his family and friends. Charles Whites eventually succumbed to his injuries two months later at the end of April 2018.

At Thursday’s City Council meeting, Connie Whites thanked Cinclair for his compassion and heroism, with many police officers in the chambers to show their support.