AUSTIN, Texas — Scooter fans will soon have one more option when they want to get around town.

  • Ojo Electric scooters coming to AUstin
  • Scooters allow riders to sit
  • Cap speed is 20 mph

Ojo Electric announced plans to place its scooters around town in the next few weeks.



"OjO Electric is taking shared-use scooters to the next level, greatly improving the accessibility and range of scooters with our groundbreaking commuter scooter, equipped with a seat, so riders can stand or sit," Max Smith, CEO of OjO Electric said. "This is truly a scooter for everyone."

Unlike other scooters, Ojo Electric scooters allow riders to sit. The scooters will also be able to give audible feedback through on-board speakers. This includes navigation, traffic alerts, construction zones, geo-fence approaches, speed reduction zone alerts and nearby docking location alerts. Users will also be able to connect through Bluetooth and play stored or streaming music through the speakers.

"Launching this electric rideshare scooter program in Austin continues our mission to provide sustainable mobility solutions that service the public's transportation needs while reducing carbon emissions and congestion in and around Austin," McFadden said. "OjO is a terrific choice for the rideshare market and will further improve the personal mobility options available to Austin residents and visitors."

Ojo Electric is partnering with Austin Commuter Scooter, LLC, a subsidiary of Bike Share of Austin, the operator of the Austin B-cycle System.