AUSTIN, Texas – Classes have been canceled at an Austin Independent School District campus due to a property damage incident Thursday morning.

  • Windows broken at Bowie High School
  • Classes canceled
  • Staff working to clean up damage

According to Austin Independent School District, about 4:39 a.m. Thursday school police became aware of extensive property damage at Bowie High School, which is located at 4103 W. Slaughter Lane in Austin. Extensive damage was done to the glass panels from windows and doors located in front of the school. 

Classes and activities at Bowie were canceled for Thursday and Friday. 

Police noted approximately 80 windows were damaged. The AISD Police Criminal Investigation Division is handling the investigation. 

The district said the breaking of the glass exposed an adhesive that contained asbestos from the original construction of the building. Crews are working to safely remove the asbestos. It's anticipated the campus will be open Monday. 

The district on Thursday released surveillance video and still of the suspect in action. A district spokesperson said the person responsible had distinct lettering on the right sleeve of his hoodie and a notable gait when he walks.