AUSTIN, Texas — A local father is trying to fulfill the wish of his late daughter, who loved Disney.

  • Emily Garcia died from cancer in 2017
  • She loved Disney
  • Her father started Emms Wish

Emily Garcia wanted everyone, young or old, to experience being Disney royalty.

Emily was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 27.

She eventually lost her battle with cancer in May of 2017, but before she passed, she shared her passion with her family.

Emily had moved to Orlando to be closer to Disney World. She spent her days visiting Magic Kingdom and dressing up as her favorite characters.

"Before she passed away, she said, 'Daddy, they have Make-A-Wish for kids, but they don't have anything for the rest of us young and old,'" said her father Gil Garcia.

Gil Garcia started an organization in Emily's honor called Emm's Wish.

He hopes to get enough signatures on his proposal, so Disney starts a program that inducts an honorary prince and princess every day, whether it's someone who is terminally ill or just someone who loves Disney.

To learn more about Emm's Wish and how you can help, visit