HOUSTON, Texas – The life of former President George H.W. Bush will be honored in the following days leading up to a final ride in Air Force Once before being laid to rest.

  • Air Force One ride to D.C.
  • Wednesday Washington memorial service
  • Thursday final memorial before being laid to rest

The official plan for the last days before Bush is laid to rest is certainly fit for a president.

Special Air Mission 41:

The final ride former President George H.W. Bush will take in Air Force One, currently waiting at a Houston airport, is being called Special Air Mission 41. The plane will take him to Washington D.C. where he will be greeted with a welcome ceremony at the U.S. Capitol before lying in state at the Capitol Rotunda until Wednesday.

The public is invited to pay their respects to the former president at the rotunda starting Monday night at 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday will be the former president’s first memorial service in Washington surrounded by family and friends. Later that night he will return to Houston.

Texans who want to pay their respects to the president are invited to visit St. Martin’s Episcopal Church Wednesday night starting at 6:45 p.m.

Thursday will be the former president’s final memorial service at 11 a.m. After the last memorial service, Bush will go by train to Texas A&M on the U.P. 4141.

Bush will be buried at his Presidential Library right next to his wife Barbara, and their daughter Robin, who passed away at a young age from Leukemia.