AUSTIN, Texas – Travelers at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport will now have to catch a ride away from the terminals.

  • Pick-up location moves at ABIA
  • Goal to reduce terminal traffic
  • Change begins on November 19

Starting on November 19, all taxi and rideshare rides will have to pick up their passengers at the ground level of the Rental Car Facility at the airport.

The goal of the ride relocation is to reduce some of the congestion at the entries of the Barbara Jordan Terminal. The area sees up to 3,700 cars each day, which will only increase during holiday traffic. 

The Rental Car Facility is on the other side of the closed-in parking garage. The ground level of the facility has been restriped to navigate rides.

The rideshare app rides will be picked up in one of three color coded lanes in blue, red, and yellow with a number corresponding to match the customers with their ride.

A walkway has been created to cross through the parking garage to the new pickup location.


  • Leaving the lower-level, and baggage claim: Leaving the baggage claim, cross the street and enter the garage. Use the elevator to get to Level 2. Walk across the pathway to the Rental Car sign located at the pick-up area.
  • Leaving the upper-level, drop-off, and ticketing: Exit the terminal and use the crosswalk to get to the garage. Follow the signs to the Rental Car Facility. Take the elevator down one floor to Level G.