AUSTIN, Texas – Austin City Council is starting the day at Barton Springs Pool, but instead of taking a morning dip, members will be cleaning up the pool.

  • Austin City Council cleaning up Barton Springs pool
  • Showing support for 2018 bond
  • Two propositions in $925 million bond

The Barton Springs Pool has gone through a lot of cleanup in the past few weeks, but this time, it's not because of flooding. City council members are cleaning the pool to demonstrate their support for the 2018 bond, which will go before Austin voters in November.

Two of the propositions in the $925 million bond apply to Barton Springs, along with the rest of the city's pools and waterways. Proposition C will dedicate $45 million towards renovating and replacing some city pools.

While Proposition D would invest $72 million to buy properties in the city's southern watersheds that feed into Barton Springs, the Edwards Aquifer and Colorado River. The goal is to control water quality and mitigate flooding.

Aside from the cleanup, the Friends of Barton Springs will be giving tours of the pool, the historic bathhouse and the Eliza Spring, which houses endangered salamanders.

Council will begin cleaning up at 9 a.m. Thursday morning.