AUSTIN, Texas – From a pooped squirrel to a police K-9 on trial, here is what is trending online on Wednesday, July 25. 

Pooped squirrel

The record-setting heat has many Texans heading indoors, but local animals are also looking for any way to cool down. 

A viral video taken by a Texas A&M student shows a furry friend pooped out in the shade from the summer temperatures. Some helpful students went over and gave the little guy water after the video. 


Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody has quite the Twitter following, showing daily life with the police K-9s. One police helper, K-9 Nemo, ended up in the big house after the sheriff posted a parody video to the movie "A Few Good Men" with their rendition, "A Few Good Paws." 

Nemo’s crime was bringing too many dog toys to work. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott even responded to the viral video with #Free Nemo. The hastag has now taken off with local judges and law enforcement asking Chody to “let the dogs out.”



Texan tops mountain

While most people hit the beaches for vacation after graduation, Texan David Radoszewski, took nine months to volunteer at a Tanzanian monastery before hiking Africa’s tallest mountain. 

Climbing 19,341 feet to the top David made sure to represent the Lone Star State.