SAN ANTONIO – The heavy rains on Monday caused more than just slick roads for San Antonio.

Sewer spills are an unfortunate side effect of heavy rain.

While this week's several inches of rain may have made for a sigh of relief during the hot summer days, some of the older and smaller sewage pipes in San Antonio couldn't handle the downpours.

The San Antonio Water System reported that sewer line spills that exceed 50,000 gallons are the trigger for public notice. One off the Boerne Stage Road area spilled over Monday and the organization were responding to a couple others around the city on Tuesday. 

No adverse effects happened since the spills were diluted heavily by the rainwater. The good news is, the process of upgrading the pipes is underway.

"San Antonio Water System has budgeted over $170 million to work on sewers just this year and we know that overall it'll take over a billion dollars to fix all of these. It's a multi-year project, we're on track with doing what we need to do with the EPA," said Anne Hayden with San Antonio Water System said.

Hayden said these upgrades will likely cause disruptions in some neighborhoods and even downtown, and the project is scheduled to be completed by 2025.