CENTRAL TEXAS -- Plenty of rain has fallen in Central Texas recently, hitting just the right spots in San Antonio to raise the Edwards Aquifer levels. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to change the Stage 2 water restrictions.

The good news is, we aren't in a crisis. The Edwards Aquifer isn't the only source of water we have, but it's still a critical part to our water supply. There are currently seven other sources of water, and by 2020, we will see another major source besides the Edwards.

"Yay, we got rain in the past few days. The aquifer's gone way up. But the 10-day average still hasn't reached the levels that we need to do, and even then, if we're in 101 degree temperature in the middle of July, it doesn't make sense to change the watering hours when we'll probably just have to go right back to it," Anne Hayden with San Antonio Water System said.

The intent behind the 10-day watering restriction is to avoid coming in and out of stages quickly, which would just make it confusing for San Antonio residents.

You can check the ten day average and current levels at EdwardsAquifer.org