AUSTIN, Texas -- The deadline for bids on a 24-acre site near the Domain in North Austin is less than four weeks away.

The City of Austin hosted an open house for developers to tour the site that could be home to a Major League Soccer stadium; however, only a handful of neighbors showed up.

The open house aimed to allow bidders a chance to visit the 24-acre site. The city has owned the former industrial site for more than 20 years and spent more than $4 million to clean it up. Neighbors initially opposed low-income housing on the property. But they said that's a better option than the proposed soccer stadium.

They want to see a mix of apartments and businesses and worry about flooding.

"We would like to carve out all of the sensitive areas for parkland and open space and create an area that would have more community benefit," said Francoise Luca, an Austin resident.

The open house is not a normal process for soliciting bids from potential developers. City leaders came up with the idea with the hopes that is would bring in alternatives to the stadium proposal.

All pitches are due by Aug. 3.